New IULDUG System

From 1st July 2024 ULD CARE has launched a new IULDUG system referred to as IULDUG e-UCR. This new system offers not only traditional airline to airline interline transactions but also handles ULD support equipment and transactions involving non-airline parties such as freight forwarders.

To access the new IULDUG e-UCR system you can visit the ULDigital website at or go directly to the IULDUG e-UCR login screen by clicking the link below.

System Access

Please contact Bob Rogers from ULD CARE if you don’t have your login credentials for the new system. You can also request access from the ULDigital website.

We hope you enjoy the new features and functions in the new IULDUG e-UCR system.

Click here to access the live IULDUG e-UCR system. Login required

Use our demo system to get familiar with ULDigital. Login required

Click here if you are interested in becoming a member, or would like access to the demo system.

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